Romance Book warms hearts through a captivating story

lucky to be loved

Experience the feeling of love in “Lucky to be Loved” by Claudette King-Welcome

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 22, 2022 / — What does love look like? For many people, they use the senses of power to create a description. But the truth is, there is nothing that perfectly describes the beauty of love and being in love.

Author Claudette King-Welcome’s description of love in her new novel “Lucky to be Loved: The Connections Sequel” is spot on. He gives readers a very deep connection to the characters through words that really make you feel his reality. Readers “feel the feelings” of the characters in a beautifully written story that is both compelling and captivating.

According to Claudette, “Lucky to Be Loved: The Sequel to Connections” is a work of fiction, created as a sequel to her other book, “Connections”, which is also a work of fiction. “Despite our differences in ideologies and interests, our destiny, which was individually arranged and given to the universe for our personal experience and information, proved to be the mastermind of our brief encounter with life,” says Claudette.

“In our daily lives where we try to co-exist with people from all walks of life, I have learned that love is always in plain sight and always in abundance. That said, the same goes for hate, l envy and prejudice,” continues Claudette.

“Lucky to Be Loved: The Sequel to Connections” according to Claudette, creates an unforgettable cast of characters and a carefully compiled narrative where readers can grasp the phenomenon and sufficiency of forgiveness.

The book is impressive, funny and thought-provoking with its unimaginable twists of fate and the power of the unknown.

Claudette was born in Jamaica and graduated from the Anita Priest School of Interior Design in Miami, Florida.

Claudette spent many years as a design consultant before beginning her writing career. Over the years, his writings have become an inspiration to readers around the world. She offers extraordinary spiritual insights and encouragement to help others experience the power of forgiveness through “self-love” – a clear path to restoration and a more abundant life.

Other books she wrote were “Connections”, “Love Made Well” – Trilogy to “Lucky to be Loved: The Sequel to Connections”. She also wrote “When Women Become Little Girls”, “Becoming a Man With More Nuts Than Bolts in Your Toolbox” and “Paper Thoughts”, a wonderful collection of poems.

King-Welcome resides in Florida with her husband and children.

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