Love Never Fails Church Hosts IU Student Youth Program Workshop

Love Never Fails United Christian Church recently hosted a Youth Workshop on Cyberbullying and Body Self-Reliance for Younger Students, developed by Indiana University Psychiatry and Psychology students. The hope is to get him into the schools of Springs Valley.

The program is supposed to create a better environment for young people. The students of IU noted that our children are the future of the nation.

Three county youth had attempted suicide, which may be linked to cyberbullying. Students at IU pointed out that today many grandparents are raising their grandchildren. It is difficult for them to keep track of all the social media that grandchildren use. They must learn to create a safer community.

A lot of young people use messaging apps, which makes it very difficult. According to UI students, the apps are designed to cause some sort of addiction, which makes it hard to see where reality ends. Children become captives.

UI students said technology has taken over our lives and changed a lot of things, including parenting. They said it is terrifying how much this has cost families.

One participant said technology has allowed her to stay in touch with her adult children.

According to UI students, this is not cyberbullying until it is used to cause intentional harm. A video on cyberbullying was released.

In the bodily autonomy segment, UI students noted that children can talk to a stranger and share information through social media. These strangers are not always the young people they claim to be or a true friend. Sometimes it’s predators looking for information about a potential victim. The fact that young people share their information is frightening.

When electronics are involved, sometimes sharing information with a stranger doesn’t seem real. Exploitation photos of a minor are illegal; However, in the eyes of children, it does not seem so gloomy. Keep an eye on your children and watch for signs of evasion of responses and stealth.

“We can’t go back in time,” said one of the IU students. “Parents sometimes even use social media as babysitters.”

Students at IU plan to integrate the program into school using people who can communicate with children. Children don’t want one-on-one with parents and teachers. Start small and help eliminate media addiction. Creating transparency, advice, empathy, keeping promises, apologizing and putting safety first is the greatest gift.


This article originally appeared on The Times-Mail: Love Never Fails Holds Workshop For UI Students

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