Citizens releases the live album “The joy of being together”


Integrity Music’s and Running Club Records’ Citizens reinvented his GMA-nominated album Dove, The joy of being, as a live recorded album with today’s release, The joy of being together. The new album includes the original tracks as well as six additional tracks of previously released songs recorded live. Celebrating a decade together, Citizens recorded the album at a church near the University of Washington. See the video below for the “Only Jesus Christ” live performance of their colorful and creative recording.

“Ten years ago, we all met in Seattle in an old church near the University of Washington,” recalls Zach Bolen, leader of Citizens. “Now a decade later we are back in the same place to film and record The joy of being together. Much has happened since we first met there, namely the formation of citizens, but even greater has been the gift of lifelong friendship. This project is a celebration of being loved by God and being loved by one another. The joy of being together it is about living fully in the body of Christ; be known to each other and receive the benefits and challenges of vulnerability in stride. The pandemic created a physical barrier that left a lot of time out, so in a practical sense this record is really about coming together again to do something we love. “

The original recording in the studio, The Joy to be, captured the group’s thoughts on eliminating all distractions to find our truest and most important affirmation in the joy of being loved by God. And now, as more and more people get back together after a long separation, they want to share these songs in a new environment that captures the joy of being together.

“We were created to be together and to reflect to each other the beauty and mystery of God as carriers of images,” Bolen shares. “In fact, we learn more about God through our stories and experiences than we ever could if we left our own thoughts. Friendship is an invaluable joy.

The Joy to be is nominated for “Best Rock / Contemporary Album of the Year” for the 52nd Annual GMA Dove Awards. The awards will take place live and in person on October 19 at the Allen Arena in Nashville and will air exclusively on TBN on October 22.

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