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Brandi Carlile’s current single, “Right on Time,” is eligible for 2022 Grammy nominations – but not in the Americana categories of the All Genres awards show, or even in its country categories. Instead, the singer-songwriter revealed on Instagram Tuesday, October 26, the Recording Academy has chosen to consider the song in its pop sector.

By Carlile, his team submitted “Right on Time,” released in July, to the American Roots Grammy Awards Arena, where it would have been eligible for Best American Roots Performance and Best American Roots Song. (Carlile’s most recent album, In these days of silence, and his other songs won’t be Grammy-eligible until 2023, as they were released on October 1 and the 2022 eligibility period ended on September 30.) However, those at the Recording Academy in charge of overseeing the nomination process decided that “Right on Time” belonged to the pop sphere, where it can be nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance.

“While I’m incredibly flattered to be seen as ‘pop’ as a 40-year-old crooning lesbian mom,” Carlile writes on Instagram, “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little surprised and disappointed. learn the The Recording Academy decided to release ‘Right on Time’ from the American Roots genre and put it in the pop category. “

“To be recognized by the Grammys – in whatever form – is a great honor. I just want people to know it wasn’t my decision,” she adds. “Regardless, it doesn’t change who I am or what my American community continues to mean to me.”

Carlile’s full post, in fact, details many ways the American music community has welcomed and supported her as an artist, and why she thinks it’s so important to define herself as part of the genre. “Americana / American Roots music is more than a genre to me. It represents my community, my family, my friends and my beautiful island of misfits. I am also proud that it represents a large number of people who are actively WORKING for promoting marginalized people – LGBTQIA, women and people of color (who, of course, built the genre), ”says Carlile, the reigning American Music Association Artist of the Year for two consecutive years.

“The importance of staying and working within Americana is greater than me,” she continues. “There isn’t a time when I don’t see my role as something bigger. I feel a great responsibility to represent marginalized queer people in rural America who are raised in country and roots music but are repeatedly and consistently rejected by the correlative culture. Every one rung I can hang my gay glitter boot on top so that gay people a little higher up the ladder are seen as a little more human in the big picture. landscape of American roots. “

Carlile also uses her Instagram post to highlight the puzzling nature of the Recording Academy’s decision to classify “Right on Time” as pop: she recorded both the song and its entirety. In these days of silence album with longtime collaborators Phil and Tim Hanseroth, with the same band and producers (Dave Cobb and Shooter Jennings) and in the same studio (RCA Studio A) that she used for the years 2018 By the way, I forgive you. This record won the award for Best American Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards, while the single “The Joke” won the awards for Best American Roots Song and Best American Roots Performance.

By the way, I forgive you and “The Joke” also garnered 2019 Carlile Grammy nominations in the All Genre Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year categories. “Right on Time” will also be eligible in the record and song categories at the 2022 Grammys.

Recording Academy decision on Carlile’s 2022 Grammy eligibility echoes recent decision on Kacey Musgraves Star crossed album, which was submitted in the country categories of the awards ceremony, but deemed ineligible there. His 2018 album, Golden hour, and his songs “Space Cowboy” and “Butterflies,” won the Musgraves Awards for Best Country Album, Best Country Song, and Best Country Solo Performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards, respectively (and the album also won the album of the year).

Like Carlike, Musgraves did Star crossed with the same producers and the same sound engineer with whom she worked Golden hour; she also wrote much of both albums with her producers, Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk. In addition, in a letter to the Recording Academy, Cindy Mabe, president of the Musgraves label, points out that “[b]these albums complement each other with Golden hour tell the story of falling in love and Star crossed tell the story of the end of the breakup. There is no departure in the sound of these two projects. “

The 2022 Grammy Awards will take place on January 31. The nominations will be announced at the end of November.

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